Why Consider Masculinisation Treatments

  • Gender affirmation
  • Personal preference
  • Correcting facial asymmetry

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Masculinisation Treatments

Why Consider Masculinisation

Masculinisation refers to cosmetic treatments to enhance masculine facial and body features. This can include treatments such as jawline contouring, chin augmentation and cheek fillers. There are several reasons why someone might consider masculinisation treatments:

  1. Gender affirmation: For individuals who identify as transgender or non-binary, masculinisation treatments can help to enhance masculine features and create a more masculine appearance, which can be an essential step in their gender affirmation process.
  2. Personal preference: Some individuals may prefer a more masculine appearance, and masculinisation treatments can help to achieve this look.
  3. Correcting facial asymmetry: Some individuals may have facial asymmetry or features that they feel are too feminine. Masculinisation treatments can correct these issues and create a more balanced and masculine appearance.

It’s important to note that a qualified and experienced Cosmetic Nurse and Doctor should only perform masculinisation treatments and be approached with realistic expectations.

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